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LAKEWOOD, Col. (BIKER DAD)– Caught on camera, a Teen with a learner’s permit drives into a swimming pool turning it into an “Infiniti Pool” . Lakewood, Colorado police posted the video and pictures on their Facebook page cleverly saying the pool was now an “Infiniti” pool.

It happened Sunday the police say, and fortunately there were no injuries. Police said it was their understanding the teen driver had a learner’s permit, “we issued a citation for the violation, but hope above all it is learning experience for all who see this. Don’t panic behind the wheel & focus on everything – turning, accelerating, braking, shifting & your surroundings – when driving.”

Police may be a little tongue-in-cheek. But that’s because it only ended with losing the car, “it could have been much worse.”

You can watch the video on the player above. Or subscribe to the Biker Dad channel on Youtube.

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