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VIDEO: Hundreds of bikers roll out to honor fallen NYPD detective

NEW YORK CITY (BIKER DAD) –Video shows hundreds of bikers roll out to honor a fallen NYPD detective. 14 years ago, Russel Timoshenko was shot and killed. Each year bikers roll out in his memory. The Vigilance Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club puts on the event.

“He was a great person with a big heart who loves to have fun, who loves his friends, who loves his family. He was very honest, and I’m very proud of him,” Tatyana Timoshenko, Russel’s mother told Spectrum News.

The ride went past the detective’s old precinct, his gravesite, his parents’ home and even his high school this past weekend.

“Those events light up our lives because, without you guys, it’s going to be very hard and very difficult because Russell was only a child and because of you, we are still going on. Our lives are still going on,” Tatyana Timoshenko said.

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