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UPDATE: Here’s the latest:

SPANISH FORT, Ala. (BIKER DAD)– An Alabama officer stood in pouring rain to honor a WWII vet and fellow veteran. Now the Patriot Guard Riders will honor him.

The original story by TV station NBC 15 has garnered the Mount Vernon officer nationwide attention. The image of him standing at attention in driving rain went viral.  Officer Newman Brazier of the Mount Vernon Police Department is a veteran himself.

Officer stood in pouring rain to honor a WWII Vet, Buffalo Soldier: Now the Patriot Guard will honor him
SOURCE: NBC 15 Officer stood in pouring rain to honor a WWII Vet, Buffalo Soldier: Now the Patriot Guard will honor him

He was there to honor the passing of 100-year-old World War II veteran Robert Lee Serling last week. When the sky opened up and rain fell in buckets, most would have run for cover. But Brazier instead stood his ground. WPMI’s video shows him attention as he is battered and soaked.


“Somebody like that, you marvel at their respect, admiration, and all they stand for,” President and Founder of the 92nd Division Buffalo Soldier WW2 Eddie Irby Jr. told the TV station.

NBC 15 also caught up with the officer who told them he did not expect to get this much attention just for doing what he thought was right. “That’s what vets do,” Brazier told NBC 15. “I felt that he wanted to be acknowledged. I felt that being from a small town like Mount Vernon and that he can do what he did, and he can pass and nobody realize it and not respect it It was my point to let everyone in that area know that he was there, he was passing through, even if it was for the last time.”

PGR, Buffalo Soldiers to honor officer stood in pouring rain

Wednesday the Buffalo Soldiers will be presenting the officer with an award for his deed. The Patriot Guard Riders will roll along to take part too.

Here’s all the info if you would like to take part:

On Wednesday, July 28 at high noon(12:00 ),2021 the 92nd Division Buffalo Soldiers of WW II will meet at Saucy Q ,1111 Government Street to present a Certificate of appreciation and other gifts to Mt. Vernon police officer Newman Brazier for his dedication while he led almost 75 cars and bikes to Spanish Fort Veterans Cemetery as we escorted PFC Robert Lee Serling to his final resting place. The possession took place in Mt. Vernon Al. In a driving rainstorm. PFC Serling had just turned 100 years old. We invite other PGR  Members and Veterans to join us at Saucy Q,1111 Government st. Officer Brazier and his wife will be fed free. Others have to pay if they desire.. to eat.

STAGING INFO:  Turner Supply Co., 250 N. Royal St., Mobile, Alabama 

Staging Time: 1100 Hrs. 

Briefing:  1115 Hrs.    

KSU: ~ 1130 Hrs. 

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