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NAVARRE, OH (BIKER DAD)— A Police chief charged after crashing his motorcycle is suspected of riding intoxicated. reports Dennis Albaugh II, 49, faces counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a first-degree misdemeanor, and operating without reasonable control, a minor misdemeanor. He’s the police chief of the village of Navarre, Ohio.

Albaugh was riding his motorcycle on June 28th when he lost control and went down. The website reports Albaugh’s blood-alcohol content was 0.11%. The state’s legal driving limit is 0.08%. He went to a local hospital with serious injuries.

Mayor Bob Benson told the Massillon Independent that the chief is on administrative leave while this is all sorted out. “I hope he gets it straightened out,” Benson told the newspaper. “He’s a great chief, and we support him 100%.”

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