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NEW YORK CITY (BIKER DAD) –Thieves smash their way into a Boston Indian dealership, caught on surveillance video. “They came in, smash, grab and go, you know, like they’re grabbing a quarter pounder with cheese, like there’s nothing to it,” said general manager Russ Katzenberger told WHDH in Boston.

“Some dirty thieves broke into his house and garage over the weekend while we were busy burying him and stole his prized Harley motorcycle and many items out of his house,” neighbors said about a Missouri man’s bike that was stolen during his funeral. His family was devastated by the loss of their son’s prized possession.

In Clarksville Tennessee, a major Harley Heist only ended as the smash and grab robbers got a bike stuck in the doorway and couldn’t wheel anymore out. That was just one of more than a dozen dealership break-ins in the Southeast.

We’ve been telling you about them for months. Now it’s official. Motorcycle thefts are through the roof.

In New York City, motorcycle thefts are up 63 percent from last year. That’s according to a press release from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.


How to protect your bike

New York is clearly not alone. Bikes and bike parts are scarce partly due to COVID-19 supply chain issues. Thieves are capitalizing on the demand for both. But there are ways you can protect your bike.

A report in Bloomberg offered these tips:

  • Lock your forks
  • Park inside if at all possible
  • If you must park outside park it at an angle that makes it difficult for thieves to scoop it into a truck or flatbed
  • Use a cover: if thieves can’t see what its, they are less likely to steal it
  • Lock your motorcycle to another motorcycle
  • Use a tracking device

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