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MILLPORT, N.Y. (BIKER DAD) – A New York fire captain is among the victims killed during a military benefit ride Saturday. The Village of Millport confirmed on their Facebook page that Josh Mansfield, a 10-year veteran of the department was killed. A woman also died in the crash during the Route 14 military benefit ride, according to the local NBC television station.



The station reports they were taking part in the 100-mile “Troop Ride.”

Organizers also commented about the tragedy on Facebook

Normally, as soon as we got home from the Troop Ride, I would be posting pictures and thanking everyone for riding with us, and helping leading up to the ride, and along the route. I just couldn’t do it yesterday. We appreciate everything everyone did, especially Josh and Sue. Josh was the first one to pre register every year, the first one to react with a heart, and share every post. He led the pre registration table the morning of, and was really excited about taking video footage of the ride under the Horseheads and Town and Country flag display. Sue collected all of the raffle items, and sponsors. She reached out to the Hammondsport fire department for their flag display. She didn’t have a bike of her own, but always wanted to ride. A few years ago we introduced her and Josh, and they became riding partners. They both were always as excited if not more than I was about the Troop Ride. Thank you both for being such amazing people.

Other social media posts identify the second victim as Sue Smith. She was riding on the back of the motorcycle. The poor writing by the television station does not make it clear. But from the video which you can watch in the player above, it appears the van pulled out in front of the bike. So far no one has been charged. The people in the van weren’t hurt.

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