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Theodore, Ala (BIKER DAD) — Bikers roll out for a little girl who has a very rare cancer. And it all started when her mom noticed something strange about the girl’s left eye. “Going from COVID, getting back to normal then all of this. It’s not easy,” Jen Sullivan told me while fighting back tears. “I’m glad I have the people behind me that I do , they’ve been great.” The people behind her are the dozens of bikers who gathered at the Main Event Club Saturday to ride despite the blistering heat.


This long, expensive and frightening journey started when they noticed something wrong with her daughter Allissa’s left eye. “Her left eye stopped moving,” Sullivan said. They did an MRI and found a tumor on her ocular nerve.

Turns out Allissa’s cancer is so rare that it only affects 3 percent of the population. It’s even more rare that it’s in her brain. And almost no one under 55 gets it. Allissa is 13.

Allissa had surgery to remove 85 percent of the tumor. But it quickly came back. Now they have to travel to Birmingham for her radiation treatments. They are staying in a hotel when they go. That’s why her best friend’s mom stepped in to help. Her biker family calls Tammy Turberville “Chrome.” Allissa isn’t family by blood but calls Chrome grandma. Chrome is the Vice President of the local chapter of the Femme Fatales, a women’s biker group. She organized a poker run and raffle for the family.

“She’s so precious,” Chrome told me as she tried not to get too emotional. “Kids don’t have to be part of your blood family to be family” Lisa “Kit” Lee, president of the Femme Fatales, told me. “They’re in your heart the minute you meet them and they stay there.”

“You know you’re strong when you have everybody supporting you, which we clearly have today,” Sullivan said. “These motorcycle clubs are amazing. They love and they give with open hearts. I just want to tell them all ‘thank you so much.’ I appreciate everything.”

We will keep you updated on Allissa’s fight. If you’d like to donate you can do so by clicking here.

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