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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (BIKER DAD)–Video shows a hit-and-run driver take off and biker robbed while lying in the street unconscious. Evan Wise shared his video to the Biker Dad Blog. It shows two unbelievable acts. The first is the driver who hit him and took off. The second is when someone swipes money from his pocket while he’s knocked out in the street.

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The video shows what appears to be a blue sedan with big shiny wheels pull a u-turn in front of Wise. There’s nothing he can do. Helmet camera footage shows him hit the door of the car. As a result, he flips over the car and lands on the street. He’s out cold. Some of the bystanders jump into action to help. Some yell not to touch him. Others scream for someone to call for help. But one person decided to take advantage instead of taking action and swiped his money.

“I almost live and breathe riding,” Wise told the local CBS TV station. He had a concussion and a broken leg from the crash. “In my mind, I had caused an accident, I was at fault, I was being irresponsible. And upon seeing the crash [on video], I knew that wasn’t the case,” he said.

Hit-and-run driver takes off, biker robbed while lying in the street unconscious. Courtesy: CBS Minneapolis

Wise told the TV station he made several attempts to report the crime to the police. But, he says, the process has taken longer than he expected.


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