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FLORENCE, AL (BIKER DAD)– It’s a photo that’s heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. A hero cop holding a little girl he and his colleagues just saved from a family member with a machete.

The police chief of Florence Alabama posted the picture to Facebook saying, “thankfully, this little girl’s injuries are not evident in this photo. With the help of others, (Officer) Justin Whitten responded into the pit, provided treatment to her and her siblings, rushed all three back to his patrol car, and got them out of danger to an ambulance which had staged a mile or so away.” In this statement the “pit” is a reference to the Biblical figure Benaiah reports that law enforcement responded after a man attacked six family members with a machete. Kyle Seely, 34, barricaded himself in an outbuilding on the property but was later arrested.

Police posted a picture of the balding bearded 34-year-old being led away by heavily armed officers. He was dressed in disheveled drab clothing and wore a grimace on his face. reports “three minor children received treatment on the scene, with one taken to North Alabama Medical Center. The child was later treated and released. Two others were flown to Children’s of Alabama and are expected to be released soon. You can read their entire report here. They also report the suspect’s brother underwent surgery.

Chief Ron Tyler ended his post by saying, “these are the men and women of law enforcement. Not perfect, always improving. You’re always invited to go into the pit after the lions. Come join us.”

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