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MILWAUKEE, WI (BIKER DAD)– Just because someone is in their mid-sixties with grey hair doesn’t mean they are an easy target.

That’s what a group of young men in Milwaukee found out when they tried carjack a Vietnam vet, on Memorial Day of all days. It happened back in 2019, but the video is compelling to this day.

Fox 6 reports three men approached him with a gun demanding his car keys. He refused and sent them running. That’s when he decided to chase them down, and things got really dangerous.

The young man with the gun unloaded on 66-year-old Saylee Vang, filling his car with bullet holes. But the battle-tested vet kept his cool and was uninjured. Fox 6 says, “Vang came to the United States in 1979, but he served in Laos, helping U.S. troops from 1971 through 1975.”

You can see Fox 6’s full report from 2019 in the link below.

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