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Atlanta to pay $3 million for biker killed due to bad traffic light

FOX 5 REPORTS: Members of the Atlanta City Council members are set to pay a family more than $3 million to settle an accident claim where a motorcyclist was killed. The collision

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Wind therapy: Man does 9,000 miles on 50-year-old Honda trail bikes after divorce

MOBILE, Ala. (BIKER DAD) — 9,000 miles on 50-year-old Honda Trial bikes sounds a little crazy on the surface. but for Jesse Crossen it has been the ultimate in wind

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Bikers help elderly lady cross busy intersection, video

Bikers help and elderly lady cross busy intersection. The moment is caught on a viral video. The video shows what a lot of people who don’t ride don’t understand. Bikers live by a code. And yes, that even means those on “crotch rockets.”

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From mugshots to masters degree, woman’s amazing transformation inspiring the internet

SEATTLE, WA (BIKER DAD)– “Stop selling yourself short. You don’t know what tomorrow might bring,” Virginia Burton wrote in a post that’s gone viral on pretty much every social media

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VIDEO: Men on motorcycle carrying 400 pound python

From the files of “um, no!” comes some crazy video showing two men on a motorcycle “nuts to butt” as they like to say. But that’s not the most awkward part of this viral video.

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‘Not my day to go:’ Vietnam vet dodges bullets fighting off carjackers on Memorial Day

Just because someone is in their mid-sixties with grey hair doesn’t mean they are an easy target.

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