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SEATTLE, WA (BIKER DAD)– “Stop selling yourself short. You don’t know what tomorrow might bring,” Virginia Burton wrote in a post that’s gone viral on pretty much every social media platform, “so you might consider starting today. The only one stopping you from achieving your goals is YOU!”

She posted the inspiring message along with two photos that look like two completely different people, and certainly come from two completely different worlds, “I honestly thought I’d die on a park bench with a needle in my arm or by gunshot to the head. I would’ve never in a million years thought my life would look the way it does today.”

Now the 48-year-old woman is graduating from the University of Washington and plans on charging forward to get her masters, “today I’ve let go of feeling insecure about my age, the lines on my face, my genetics, my failures, and imposter syndrome to recognize that no matter what, if I’m still breathing, I can do anything I set my mind to.”

And in age were many people don’t give them support, Burton actually thanks the police for arresting her, “it was because I was arrested that I was able to make different choices… #Police #intervention saved my life.”

Her story has been shared around the world. I don’t know who needed to see this today. Well, I did, I needed to see it. But I hope it helps inspire you too.

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