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AUSTRALIA (BIKER DAD)–South Australia is seeing a lot of dead bikers this year. And police say it’s often the biker’s own fault. They call them “hoons” down under, bikers who ride too fast or too recklessly. They are cracking down on the behavior after more than 10 deaths already this year.

But one biker on a Honda VTR1000 decided he wasn’t going to let police pull him over and took off running. Trouble is, they called in the chopper Saturday night. There’s no outrunning that. So, police say the 22-year-old dumped his bike and took off on foot. That’s where Judge the police dog took over. The K9 cornered him.

The rider, a 22-year-old Ascot Park man was charged with numerous offences including driving at a dangerous speed, failing to stop for police and resist arrest. Police went on to say “motorcycle riders are over-represented in the total lives lost on South Australian Roads this year, with 10 riders dying in crashes in 2021.Police will continue to target speeding motorists and those drivers and riders who choose to engage in dangerous driving.”

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