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Australian cops bust “outlaw biker gang” seize a dozen Harleys and much more

WHYALLA, Australia (BIKER DAD)–Australian cops bust an “outlaw biker gang,” seizing a dozen Harleys. They also took much more. You might expect the bikes. But what about all of the

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Australian biker learns you can’t outrun a helicopter on the bike or a K9 on your feet

South Australia is seeing a lot of dead bikers this year. And police say it’s often the biker’s own fault. They call them “hoons” down under, bikers who ride too fast or too recklessly. They are cracking down on the behavior after more than 10 deaths already this year.

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VIDEO: Police say “stupid” baby reveal burnouts putting the public in danger

Police in Australia are calling a troubling trend downright “stupid.” “Hoons,” as they are referred to in the land of OZ, are revealing the gender of their unborn children with colored burnouts

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VIDEO: Biker films own crash after reaching 163 MPH, police release video as a warning to others

(BIKER DAD)–The video is disturbing. It’s also a white knuckle ride from the point of view of a motorcyclist speeding on a busy road at more than 160 miles per

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