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Caught on camera: Wheelie gone wrong


PENSACOLA, Fla. (BIKER DAD)–Caught on camera, a wheelie gone wrong in downtown Pensacola. It appears this sport biker wanted to give outdoor eaters dinner and a show. And the results weren’t what he was looking for. Problem is his stunt show quickly turned into a comedy.

Kevin Williams posted the surveillance video on the Facebook group Pensacola Motorcycle crew. That’s when we saw it.

It shows the rider on a sport bike rounding a curve. He clearly notices the people outside dinning. He decides to turn his two-wheeler into one. As a result everything goes sideways. Or should we say upside down.

The bike comes right out from under him. Because of the torque it goes flipping and tumbling down the street and out of camera shot. Because of gravity and momentum the rider slides down the street on his back. The diners and waiters are clearly stunned about what they just saw.

Thankfully, it appears, the bike didn’t flip into the people enjoying their evening on the patio. Then the biker jumps up and goes running after his bike. That’s when you can just make out a cop car rounding the curve before the video cuts off. Didn’t take them long to get there.

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