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WHYALLA, Australia (BIKER DAD)–Australian cops bust an “outlaw biker gang,” seizing a dozen Harleys. They also took much more. You might expect the bikes. But what about all of the other froo froo stuff? Luxury items you don’t associate with bikers? Police say they also took Rolex watches, a luxury wine collection and designer bags. It was during a raid on the Comanchero Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang.

Largest bust ever

South Australian Police say this is the biggest bust of its type in the state’s history. “The Serious and Organised Crime Branch led more than 460 SAPOL personnel in searching 80 premises resulting in 37 arrests,” a press releases says. “The majority of the charges relate to serious criminal matters including Conspiracy to Murder, Large Commercial Trafficking of Controlled Drugs and Money Laundering.”

Luxury lifestyle funded by meth

All of that is typical “biker gang” stuff. But police say more than $11 million dollars in cash and luxury items was also seized. For instance “jewelry, a premium wine collection and accessories were seized, including two Rolex watches worth $61,000 and $85,000 and a $100,000 Louis Vuitton accessory collection.”

Police say all of this luxury lifestyle has been financed by a staggering amount of meth. As a result “Police seized 4kg of methamphetamine and 10,000 ecstasy tablets along with 67 vehicles, including two Lamborghinis, a Bentley and dozens of high end luxury vehicles, the Lamborghinis alone are conservatively estimated at $500,000 – $600,000. Police also seized 15 Harley Davidson motorcycles, boats and jet skis. The total value of all vehicles is likely to exceed $3 million.”

“This complex, long standing investigation has struck a blow to the foundations of organised crime in South Australia. We anticipate that the void in criminal hierarchy and control will be quickly filled as other criminals seek to assume control of lucrative drug and other illegal enterprises. It is however just as important to understand that SAPOL, and all other enforcement agencies law and partners are also ready to continue the fight and keep the community safe. Can I thank and praise the many law enforcement personnel who have been involved in this extraordinary operation who have put in many hours of dedicated and committed time to ensure that these investigations have resulted in such an unprecedented and outstanding success.” said Assistant Commissioner Harvey.

Here’s the full press release from Facebook:

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