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MILTON, Fla. (BIKER DAD)–A biker brawl in Florida is the second one in recent weeks involving the Pagans Motorcycle Club and the Outlaws MC. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office says it happened Monday evening at Spokes and Kickstands Bar. They got a call about a shooting. So they went to check it out. That’s when they found there was a brawl between the Pagans and another 1%er club, the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

As a result of the fight one had to go to the hospital for their injuries. During the fight a pistol also went off. But no one was hurt as a result of the gunfire. It’s the second incident involving these groups, the Sheriff said in a press release.

Deputies say a normal Saturday night at family restaurant in the Florida Panhandle turned into a biker brawl, shattering the night with violence and chaos.

In the previous incident, according to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s office, men wearing Pagans MC patches were involved in the melee in the bar area of the restaurant. It happened on May 15th at Stripes Pub and Grille in Navarre. Now deputies have charged five people. One of the people involved in the fight had to be treated by EMS for serious injuries.

The Biker Dad Blog covered the last incident. But at the time deputies made no mention of the Outlaws, only the pagans. You can see that story here:

Deputies have now charged two people in this second biker brawl in Florida. Justin Jay Ford, 46, of Pensacola is charged with illegally carrying a gun, improper exhibit of a weapon, discharging a weapon into a building and disorderly conduct.

Floyd Keith Stabler, 54, of Milton is charged with disorderly conduct. Does this indicate some sort of turf war going on between the clubs? The sheriff did not address that in the press release.

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