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GILBERT, Ariz. (BIKER DAD)– An off-duty cop nearly killed in a motorcycle DUI hit and run is still fighting for his life. It happened Sunday near Scottsdale Arizona. Police say the driver rear-ended Sergeant Tom Edgerton on the freeway. Edgerton was off-duty and riding his personal motorcycle on the 101 freeway when it happened.

The other driver took off, not caring if Edgerton lived or died. But officers eventually caught up with the driver who’s now charged with DUI and leaving the scene. A Facebook post by the Gilbert Police Department did not identify the suspect.

“Sgt. Edgerton sustained serious injuries and an initial examination has him in critical, but stable condition at this time,” the post reads, “Please keep Sergeant Edgerton and his family in your thoughts. We will provide an update when appropriate, thank you.”

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