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STURGIS, S.D. (BIKER DAD)– Harley returns to Sturgis after taking 2020 off for COVID-19. The motor company took a lot of heat on social media for bowing out of the rally over coronavirus concerns. But according to its official events page, Harley is back in for 2021.
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Much disputed numbers show that the rally last year may have spread as many as 250 thousand COVID-19 cases across the country. Sturgis organizers called the study by Diego State University IZA “blatantly faulty,” “outrageous” and “preposterous.” In fact other studies showed that people who attended Sturgis were actually less likely to have COVID-19.

Sturgis city manager Daniel Ainslie told he’s certain that Harley-Davidson’s presence will be significant, but said questions remain about the company staffing level. “Harley — like a lot of our sponsors — they’re kind of waiting to see what happens in the next 20 days,” Ainslie said. “There are a lot of companies that aren’t back in the office yet. We’re anxiously waiting to hear from some of our sponsors.”

The rally is August 6th through the 15th in Sturgis South Dakota. Huge music acts are on the calendar including Kid Rock, Vince Neil, Tesla and more.

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