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HARRIS COUNTY, Tex. (BIKER DAD)– A Texas dad shoots peeping Tom creeping outside daughter’s window. The father says he caught the man was intoxicated and touching himself outside the girl’s window according to KTRK.

Sometimes in Texas justice is instant. And this dad showed what happens when you mess with a Texas family. The report says the man and his wife confronted the alleged pervert about 1:20 in the morning. They came running when they heard the little girl screaming.

Both parents are licensed gun carriers. They ordered the man to get down and wait for police. Instead, KTRK reports, he went across the street to a gas station. The couple says the man tried to wrestle mom’s gun away from her. That’s when dad opened fire, shooting the alleged peeping Tom 3 or four times.

Texas dad shoots peeping Tom creeping outside daughter’s window

The report does not say the condition of the suspect. But, KTRK reports the little girls is fine. She’s just shaken up by the incident. You can see their full report in the video box above.

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