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CARLYLE, IL (BIKER DAD) –Police haven’t ruled out two Monglols arrested in Illinois being connected to a deadly “biker gang” shoot-out at a Missouri tourist hotspot. According to a report by Mixx 94 35-year-old Michael Allen Burton, and 29-year-old Bryson Lee Williams were arrested  Monday and have each been charged with Class X felony armed robbery, Class 2 felony robbery, Class 3 felony aggravated battery, and Class 4 felony mob action. Williams is charged with a second count of aggravated battery.

Both are members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The Mongols, Galloping Goose and, Midwest Drifters MCs were all involved in a July 15th shootout at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. The whole thing was caught on this video:

One person died in that shooting. So far two men have been charged. This weekend nearly 100 bikers rode for the funeral of the Mongols member who died.

Mixx 94 says Burton and Williams were both armed with a knife Monday when they robbed a man of his cellphone. They’re also accused of took a cellphone, hit him over the head with a beer bottle, and kicked him in the head. Police shay the shoved and hit another man.

The report doesn’t say if the victims, Kyle T. Heimann and Christopher J. Borgman are members of another club. Police aren’t ready to say if this is possible retaliation for the shooting.

There is speculation that a fire at one of the MC’s clubhouse could be retaliation. The Midwest Drifters HQ was heavily damaged in that fire.

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