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STURGIS, S.D. (BIKER DAD)–Organizers urging “personal responsibility” for COVID during the 81st Sturgis Rally. A widely debunked study of last year’s rally notoriously blamed the rally for 250 thousand cases across the country.

“The city does not have any coordinating vaccination opportunities. Masks are not required for the rally either. However, the city is allowing people to carry alcoholic beverages around the downtown area instead of requiring them to stay inside licensed businesses,” South Dakota’s Public Broadcasting System reports.

The mayor of Sturgis spoke with PBS as part of their “In the Moment” series. You can hear the interview here. ““We do have a new thing with open container this year during the Sturgis motorcycle rally. So, there’s the opportunity to not have to sit inside the structures and people can wander around and take in the crowd and the motorcycles and people watch while sitting outside to help create more social distancing,” Mayor Mark Carstensen told PBS.

The rally officially begins Friday. You can get full information here.

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