Biker Dad

Dad to the Bone

The band wrote on Facebook :

“Hi friends, as I sit alone in quarantine, dealing with the reduced, yet uncomfortable symptoms of Covid-19, and reading the comments regarding the shows we made the painful decision to cancel this weekend, I am struck by two things.

First, on behalf of myself, our entire band, crew, and management, I would like to thank the majority of people whose comments were understanding, supportive, and empathetic. I am so touched by the outpouring of positive energy. You are awesome.

Second, I have never personally responded to Facebook comments in the past. But as our band goes through this difficult period, the thoughtless, misinformed, and nasty comments I read this morning pushed my patience over the edge. I encourage lively discussion of differences of opinion. That is part of what makes the United States the Golden Country.

But our organization is living through Covid, and to hear people spouting ridiculous conspiracy theories, is more than I can bear right now. To those people: Call me back when you catch it. If you are not vaccinated you are in for a world of hurt. And if you take the vaccine, while you can still test positive, your experience will likely be mild by comparison.

This is a difficult medical, public health and safety issue. Within the REO organization there is a wide spectrum of political views. To connect our decision to cancel shows to some political agenda is absurd, insulting, and quite simply wrong…kc”

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