Biker Dad

Dad to the Bone


MALAYSIA (BIKER DAD)-- From the files of "um, no!" comes some crazy video showing two men on a motorcycle "nuts to butt" as they like to say. But that's not the most awkward part of this viral video.

Slithering between the riders is a 400 pound python. The viral video is eating up the internet. The man named pak Abu is smiling and so is his passenger who appears to be spanking the snake. That's literally, not a double entendre. 

According to the post "the Director General of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN) Peninsular Malaysia Datuk Abdul Kadir Abu Hashim the snake was caught on a rubber plantation and "they were worried that the large python could threaten the safety of the residents. Following that, the python was then caught and taken on a motorcycle to be handed over to Perhilitan."

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