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EERIE, Penn. (BIKER DAD)–A woman murdered her boyfriend, a member of an “outlaw” motorcycle club, all because she smelled sex on him. Rachel Kolzoff was tried and convicted murdering “Big Mike” Henry back in 2013. Now the motorcycle mayhem will be part of a national television show called “Snapped” on the Oxygen network according to Yahoo News, which reports “Henry was a founding member of the Iron Wings MC, an ‘outlaw’ motorcycle club based in Erie, Pennsylvania. The group has been linked to incidents of violence, including a 2015 shootout with local rivals the Restless Souls MC, local paper the¬†Erie Times-News¬†reported at the time.”

She told police that she had been at Henry’s apartment the night of the murder and “smelled sex” on him. Reports say she also noticed a strange number on his phone.

Kolzoff originally told police she didn’t kill him, but after the trial admitted to it saying it was in self defense. “Snapped” airs Sundays on Oxygen.

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