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LINCONLSHIRE, England (BIKER DAD)–On a suicide ride, a lane-splitting Harley rider nearly eats it with semi.It’s all caught on a dash camera.

The video shows the guy on a Sportster from two angles. First he comes up behind the car with a camera. Then the view switches to the front. That’s where things start to look like the finale of Sons of Anarchy. You know? When Jax decides to end all of his life drama by taking his hands off the bars and runs into a semi full on.

Thankfully for the biker this suicide ride was unsuccessful. He barely squeezes around the car. Then he threads the needle between the semi and another vehicle.

SWD Media reports the man who recorded this said it looked even worse in person, even closer. Giles Thrisk wrote, ““Risky overtake, doesn’t look as bad watching it back but it’s not obvious that I swerved away from bike putting two wheels onto the grass.”

Looks like this biker is lucky to be alive. No doubt he’ll risk it again tomorrow though. The biker behind the suicide ride, lane-splitting Harley will live to see another day, for now.

The video is a cringe-worthy moment. Not only did he place himself in danger. Also, the driver who caught it on camera, the semi driver and everyone on the road was in danger.

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