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BOSTON, Mass. (BIKER DAD)– A smash and grab motorcycle theft caught on camera at Indian dealership is the latest in a string of biker burglaries across the country. We’ve been telling you about them for weeks..

In this case at happened at Indian Motorcycles North Boston. They posted video of the brash burglary on their Facebook page.

“They came in, smash, grab and go, you know, like they’re grabbing a quarter pounder with cheese, like there’s nothing to it,” said general manager Russ Katzenberger told WHDH in Boston.

The surveillance video is actually pretty dramatic. This is mostly because it has sound. You can see and hear the burglars smash into the store. First you hear the smashing, then the noise of the thieves shouting out instructions to one another. They don’t appear to go after the Indians, but instead dirt bikes.

Two bikes roll out the door. But before the crooks can get the third out the alarm spooks them. They take off, dropping the last bike on the floor. You then see headlights disappear.

Katzenberger told WHDH the thieves clearly knew what they were doing., “I watched one run into the back showroom. He knew where the light switch was, so there was a good chance they had been here before.” He also says they didn’t take the keys.

This smash and grab motorcycle theft is part of a trend. We’ve been reporting on bike burglaries across the country. From state to state, seat to shining sea, this seems to be an alarming trend. Bikes are being stolen from individuals. But many are caught on camera. That’s because they are targeting dealerships. That includes this one in Texas.

We also told you about six Missouri men arrested for a break-in in Indiana.

The only thing that stopped these thieves was the front door.


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