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MOSES LAKE, Wash. (BIKER DAD)–Daredevil stuntman Alex Harvill died during a world-record motorcycle jump Thursday. The Grant County Sheriff’s Office says happened in Moses Lake, Washington. Harvill, 28, crashed his motorcycle during a practice jump at the Grant County International Airport. “Our deepest sympathies go out to Alex’s family, friends and loved ones,” the Sheriff wrote on Facebook.

Harvill had been promoting the stunt on social media. C”ome watch Grant County international airport June 17th! I’ll be jumping over 350 ft,” he wrote on his Facebook Page.

A YouTube video shows Harvill warming up for the stunt. Another more graphic video shows Harvill landing short and flipping over his handlebars. Emergency workers rush to his side and take him to a hospital. We aren’t sharing that video out of respect for the victim and his family.

The stunt was going to be part of the Moses Lake Airshow. He did an in-depth interview with the airshow to promote the stunt. “It all started with the love of dirtbikes,” he said during the interview, ” and knowing what I can do jumping.” Harvill said he was thrilled to do the stunt in his own town, “just ten minutes from my house. It’s amazing. It couldn’t get much better.”

Daredevil stuntman Alex Harvill: Last Interview

“I continue to push myself and jump as far as I can. Maybe I’ll be like like a Buzz Lightyear and wings will just come out,” Harvill mused. But the conversation also took a serious note when Harvill spoke about injuries and how he shattered bones in Alabama. It was during a stunt at Talladega. “I ended up shattering my heal,” he said, “I over jumped the landing and and landed on the concrete….that injury really changed me in a great way. I became a lot healthier and mindful of what I put in my body.”

Harvill said getting injured was just part of it. “That’s what I love about dirtbikes. Getting injured every once in awhile you get to take it back to that basic level where you say ‘oh wow I’m healthy and I’m able to do this stuff.’ You appreciate the air rolling on your face as you ride your bike….I appreciated dirtbikes and everything it gives me. Even if it injures me from time to time” Harvill laughed. You can watch the entire video in the box above or the link below.

Harvill was married with a 5-year-old boy and a newborn son.

The airshow also shared their condolences on Facebook:

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