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VIDEO: Bear charges at biker, watch frightening moment caught on camera

The Nigrilis, India (BIKER DAD)— Insane video of a bear charging at a biker is a scary moment caught on camera. The video was posted to Twitter by Indian businessman Anand Mahindra. It’s a bit like Goldilocks, with the three bears and all. And one of them apparently found Mahindra just right for a bit of a scare. “Wait till the end of the clip if you want to feel an adrenaline rush,” he tweeted.

In the video you see the view of the biker rolling along a paved mountain path. That’s when he spots something around the bend and stops his bike. It’s three not-so-little bears. First you only see two. The bigger one has his nose in the air sniffing at the biker and his ride. A third bear comes into frame, waddles by, then jumps up a wall into the woods.

Another bear isn’t paying much attention to Mahindra. But that big one, that big one is still stiffing and watching. Then it suddenly charges. Mahindra’s camera sweeps into a blur as he yelps in surprise. The video cuts off, but given that he lived to tell about it on Twitter he must have gotten away.

Animal encounters on the road are pretty common for bikers. But this is not, nor is capturing it on camera.

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